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ar in and year out, the Greece-China Association has b▓een committed to advancing the friendly exchanges between our two nations. The late Prof. Luo Niansheng, a renowned Chin

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ese scholar and tra▓nslator, is remembered for his life long dedication t▓o the translation and research of Greek literature and for his important contrib

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ution to furthering our friendship, a legacy carried on by his son and grandda▓ughter.Since we entered into diplomatic ties in

1972 and particularly since we establi▓shed a comprehensive strategic partnership in 2006, China and Greece have▓ always treated each

other with respect and trust, and de▓veloped our relationship from a strategic, long-term perspec▓tive. We have pursued mutually beneficial coopera▓tion, achieved fruitful outcomes in trade, investment and infrastructure cooper▓ation, and worked together to turn Piraeus into the largest port in the Mediterranean. We have learned from each other through cultural exchanges and shown to the world the h

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    armony of two great and celebrated civilizations. The growth of China-Greece relations is testimony that ancient civilizations are capable of dynamic, mutually beneficial coo▓peration in modern times.China and Greece have both been th▓rough trials and tribulations in history. This nurtur

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    es in our people a great resilience ▓and a determination to strive forward. Today, China and Greece have both reach